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The Elves and the Shoemaker   The Ugly Duckling   The Gift of the Magi

      No049            No050            No051
The Nutcracker   The Dear in the Lake   momotaro

      No046            No047             No048
The Mouse and the Elephant   Frau Holle   The Last Leaf

      No043            No044             No045
The Sorcerer's Apprentice   The Tiger and the Fox   The Red Candles and the Mermaid

      No040           No041            No042
The Spider's Thread   The Wild Swans   The Salt Merchant and the Donkey

     No037           No038           No039
The Snow Woman   Thumbelina   Thumbelina

     No034           No035           No036
The Little Match Girl   The Blue Bird   The Old Man with a Lump

     No031           No032            No033
Cinderella   Soup of Nails   The Wolf and the Seven Little Children

     No28             No029            No030
Little Red Riding Hood   The Fox and the Crane   The Restaurant of Many Orders

     No025           No026           No027
The Six Jizos and the Straw Hats   The Carpenter and Oniroku   Rapunzel

     No022           No023           No024 
The Selfish Giant   The Fox and the Goat   The god who likes children

     No019           No020           No021
The princess who loved insects   Crane's Return of a Favor   The Hungry Hen

     No016           No017           No018
Flower-blooming old man   The King with Donkey Ears   The princess who loved insects 

     No013           No014           No015
The Little Mermaid   The Hare and The Tortoise   The Fir-Tree

     No010           No011           No012
The Vain Jackdaw   The Great Bear   The Frog and the Cow

     No007           No008           No009
The Nighthawk Star   The Lion and the Mouse   The Emperor's New Clothes

     No004           No005           No006
The moonlight and the glasses   The fox's wedding   The Fox and the Grapes

     No001           No002           No003
Buying mittens   Lark's Migratory   Three Little Pigs

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